Friday, December 12, 2008

Ellyn's First Show

I dont have any exciting news from the Vancouver, WA show, but I felt like I needed to get a video of Ellyn on here. This is of her second day of showing under Judge Christina Hubbell. She won her class, which was the complete opposite from the previous day.

A Cardigan's first show is often a prelude to the way they are going to handle their show career - some are showing fools, and others would rather give you the paw. Ellyn is going to be harder to show than Hunter. I would call Hunter a social butterfly, and Ellyn is a diva. ;)

Hunter was a bit hyper this weekend... he was Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Lester Mapes Saturday and didnt do anything Sunday. Our next show dates are Jan 9, 10, 11th in Puyallup.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ready Or Not

Another Thanksgiving holiday is upon us... and this is the first year I havent wanted to go do our normal Thanksgiving weekend activities. Usually, Jesse and I pack up the dogs and we head to hometown Dayton, WA. Then we proceed to stuff ourselves silly going to at least three different turkey dinners. I am almost relieved that we are staying close to home this year. Less weight gain if nothing else.

Ellyn turned 6 months yesterday. Wow, I cant believe that she is ready to show already. It seems like she should have another couple months... I think that feeling comes from the fact that she isnt nearly as big as Hunter. I have to keep reminding Jesse that she is a girl and half Hunter's age.

I wish all the Cardi people out there in cyberland a delightful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2nd Major Picture

I wish that front foot was back more!
We did decide to go to Ridgefield, WA in December. It's a good a time as any to get Ellyn in the ring. So, we will see you all there. Lets hope the Gorge is open all weekend. ;)

Hunter winning in Salem, OR under Judge Henry Gregory for a 3 point major!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video Of Weekend

Upper video is of Hunter on Sunday 11-09-08

Lower video is of Hunter Saturday 11-11-08

Any day you look at him, he is a lovely boy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Salem '08 Take Two

Hunter did just fine today, but alas, it was Rocky's day to shine. Kim Shira's boy Rocky took all the cake today winning WD, BOW and BOB! No idea how group went. Hunter was Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Lawrence Terricone. Still not sure if I will do Ridgefield in December or wait until Portland in January to go out again. Might depend on Little Miss Ellyn and/or the weather in the gorge.
Good luck to all at Monroe, WA.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Salem '08 Show

Jesse and I took Hunter and Ellyn to Salem, OR today for another exciting dog show. Hunter took Best Opposite, Best of Winners, and Winner's Dog for a 3 point major! He only needs a point to finish. I would celebrate, but I am wiped out. Pam took Phantom, a Dotty x Harley daughter for Dayl. It was Phantom's first time in the ring, and you can see her in the video above. Today's judge was Mr. Henry Gregory. We are hanging out at Pam's house this weekend. She has Hunter's grandpa Harley (Int/Am Ch. Aurigan Thunder Rolls, CGC RN CD) and let me tell you, Hunter could be Harley's shadow! Same color, same head, same type. Amazing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

VOTE '08

If you do nothing else tomorrow, remember to get out there and VOTE!
I mailed my ballot in a week or so ago and I am very proud of myself for voting for the first time since 2000. I have very strong views this year, where as in previous years I hated all of the candidates and could care less.
I cant wait until the red-neck idiot is out of the white house!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lots of Exciting People News

Our families have had a lot to celebrate as of late.
Jesse's sister Kaci who has Velvet just added another dog-child. Callie is an English springer spaniel puppy.
I would like to congratulate Jesse's step-sister Lora on her marriage to Chris this past weekend, to another one of Jesse's step-sisters Jamie and her husband Des on their baby to be, a girl they will call Sara. This will be their second girl.
I am very excited to finally hear that my Aunt Jamie Trump is expecting a girl also, and it is her and husband Uncle Jeremy's second girl.
And I am most proud of my brother Brian for getting engaged to his girlfriend Nikki!

Happy news for this brisk autumn morning...

PS- I haven't seen the Cardigan Bulletin yet, but Hunter is supposed to have an ad in there!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Being

Since I am stuck at home being sick, I figured I could do some catch-up.

I have started hiking up Badger Mountain (for anyone who lives near 'real' mountains, Badger Mt is really just a big treeless hill) as a way to loose weight and boost my cardio. I am going with my friend Kris, but Jesse plans to join us sometime. Hunter went with us one day, but I probably wont take him much more since he slowed us down. He wants attention from everyone and has to pee on everything... boys will be boys.

Ellyn is doing well too. She is learning the importance of free-stacking and showing teeth. She has discovered socks and apples. She has also been banned from the laundry room... ;) Even though the sock gets taken away, she follows me to where I put the sock, and promptly grabs another and makes a run for it... hahaha. Well, now the game is up and door stays shut. The pictures of her here are at almost 5 months.

Also, anyone looking for Cardigan puppies - there are three littermates to Ellyn available to approved companion homes. Click here to connect to the Claymore website. They are in Missouri/Kansas area.

Next show is in Salem, OR and it looks like there are 2 points in dogs and a 3 pt major in bitches. Lets hope everyone shows up! Dayl's Harley x Dotty puppy 'Phantom' makes her debut at this show. Ellyn wont be old enough to show until the December Vancouver, WA show.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Win, Snow, and Happy B-Day To Me

First off, it was a mistake to figure that the weather would be as nice in Boise, ID as it has been here in the Tri-Cities. That being stated, I did not pack warm enough clothes. Jesse and I left for Boise Wednesday night, and had a fun weekend showing off both of the dogs.
Hunter was the lone class male, so he was Winner's Dog by default all four days. Normally this would excite me beyond all else, but he needed to beat at least one dog for a point. This meant he needed to either beat the Winner's Bitch or go Best Opposite over the special male. So, I will sum up the points/awards now...
Thursday 10-09-08 Hunter had his best (IMO) showing yet. He was alert, moved out well, free stacked like a pro, was beautiful on the table etc. I guess the judge wasnt as impressed. Hunter left without a point this day. Bummer.
Hunter with Judge Barbara Ann Brooks
Friday 10-10-08 Hunter has decided that he LOVES Kim Shira's blue girl 'Geisha' and all he wants to do is play with her. He only has eyes for her in the ring... BUT, Judge Barbara Ann Brooks loved his head and gave me lots of compliments on how nice a puppy he was. Hunter went Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Opposite! Got his ninth point. We hung around for the sanctioned puppy match so Ellyn could get some practice. Hunter got his second wind, so we entered him as well. They both got first in the class, and Hunter took Breed, and a Puppy Group 2 under handler Luke Baggenstos (sp?). Ellyn did VERY well for not being in a ring before. We were very pleased with both dogs. In the midst of all the showing frivolity, it started to snow... hard... yuck. We were trying to dry off dogs and people right up until we showed. Hate to show a wet dog. Oh well...
Saturday 10-11-08 There are metal grates in the concrete flooring of the building we were in. It was obvious that the show people tried to cover them up so people wouldnt trip on them. We were unfortunate enough to get a covered grate at the very end of the down and back that made scary noises. Hunter just knew that something was going to eat him in the floor... despite being a little squirrly Judge Lester Mapes awarded him Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Opposite. Ten points down!

Sunday 10-12-08 Hunter recovers well from thinking the floor is out to get him, and Judge Arlene Benko awards him Winners Dog, Best of Winners for another point, and Best Puppy which enters him into Puppy Group. She tells me that I HAVE to stay for puppy group - since I have such a nice puppy. It was a super nice compliment and so Jesse and I stayed for puppy group. It was the last group of the day, so a lot of dogs had already gone home or there werent puppies entered in some breeds. Hunter was a hoot and he really turned on the struts for all the applause. We got a Puppy Group 3 out of about 7 other dogs. That was neat! I think the biggest compliment of the weekend was from the herding puppy group judge (whom wasnt listed in the catalog but I will find her name later) who said that she always kinda liked the breed, but this dog (Hunter) was a dog she could fall in love with. Be still my heart!
Jesse and I know how much fun and just plain delightful Hunter is to be around. It is really awesome when he and Ellyn inspire happiness in people that are just walking by. It feels just as good that so many different judges have liked Hunter.
What a great way to spend a birthday weekend. Hunter now has 11 points and one major.
Hunter in the Herding Puppy Group

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pics Of The Puppy

We have decided that we like the name "Ellyn" for the puppy. We took her out for a more formal leash training today. She did very well. Hunter went with and helped get her going some. But, mostly she did it all on her own... good girl.
For a 16 week old puppy, she is exhibiting nice long strides, kickback and flexion - plus she keeps her tail down!! At least for now... She has plenty of time to grow up. Show season is coming to a down time and she wont be old enough for any around here until the Portland shows in January. Hunter will be going to the 4 day show in Boise, ID in a couple weeks and then Salem, OR in November.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's HERE!

Straight off the jet and out of the crate! Cami made the trek to the Northwest today. She will be 4 months old Wednesday and looks to have lots of promise. We look forward to her future here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Trip

We went to Dayton for Labor Day weekend this year. My husband's family came together to help each other cope with the loss of my husband's grandpa. Velvet and Hunter had a splendid time together. I had Velvet from puppyhood until she was about 9 months old. She was a show prospect until we noticed that she was getting an abundant amout of hair... she is a fluffy and now lives with Jesse's younger sister Kaci. Hunter and Velvet love each other...

Hunter got to meet our twin nieces Keatyn and Shaylee this weekend too! The girls seem to really like the dogs. Keatyn would cry when Hunter would walk away from her, or she could'nt see him. Hunter was very curious, but unsure as to what he should do. So, he gave them kisses which seemed to work out fine. Maybe someday I will have junior handlers to play with me???

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Enumclaw Picture

Here is Hunter's win picture with Judge Mr. Fred Bassett. We were lucky to get this picture as Hunter had decided that he was done showing for the day. He kept sitting, or moving a foot, or sitting... He is such a geek sometimes... but he is a Cardigan afterall.
Last weekend on Aug 24th, in Redmond, WA Hunter took Reserve Winner's Dog under well respected breeder judge Mr. Jon J. Kimes of Pluperfect. I was very proud of him, despite the fact that Hunter wanted to run, bounce, skip, and frolic in the grass that day. Good thing he is still in puppy class! I really enjoyed visiting with everyone. On to the Richland show! Maybe Canada???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hell's Canyon Trip

Hell's Canyon is the Snake River canyon bordering Idaho/Washington/Oregon. It has it's lovely name for a reason. It gets really hot. Hell's Canyon is well known for jet boat tours up the Snake River among other things. My dad John, brother Brian, Brian's girlfriend Nikki, and I were up there for a short vacation while Brian and Nikki were home from Wyoming. We played in the water, had BBQ on a beach, watched a pretty good lightning/thunder storm, saw tons of wildlife, and even got to take a trip to a casino (I lost, Dad won). Here are a few pictures we took. Picture top left is of the Grand Ronde River which feeds in to the Snake River. Top right picture is of a pair of big horn sheep. Bottom left is a mule doe at sunset. Bottom right is a picture of a jet boat on the Snake River at Heller Bar.

We also witnessed some very brave and curious cats taking turns stalking the deer that came to investigate the peach tree. The deer were equally as curious. At one point, a spike and one of the cats were almost nose to nose! But then the cat made for the safety of the nearby car.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

8 Points!

What a blistering hot weekend for a dog show... It was way over 100 degrees in the hometown both Saturday and Sunday, so I was actually really glad we went west for the show. It was only in the 90s yesterday and 80s today.
Hunter took Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Ms. L. More on Saturday, and took Winner's Dog and Best Of Winners for 2 points today under Judge Mr. F. Bassett. That brings the total up to 8 points, one major. The first picture take of Hunter sidegaiting was taken by Ann Benjamin of Merrythought Cardigans. And the second one of him standing was taken by Jesse. Thanks!

Here is a video of Hunter's performances today. It is of him going down and back and me throwing bait because he decided he was too good to give the judge ears... Jesse was my wonderful camera man.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here is a picture of the new puppy. She is coming from Missouri in the fall when she can be safely shipped to me. (Too hot right now). I am thrilled that she will be heading this way. She is black with minimal brindle points right now.

Her dam is Int Ch. Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition and her sire is Ch. Rememberance Old Black Magic. Both OFA GOOD, PRA clear.

Hunter's dam is Int/AKC Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air and his sire is Ch. Phi-Vestavia Koltrain. Both of them are OFA GOOD and PRA Clear.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Dandy

Everything has been just dandy here. We had our first thunder and lightning storm last night that really shook the house. The dogs didnt's seem to notice. In fact, I think they were sleeping through it when I went downstairs to get my cell phone (power went out and I needed an alarm!)
Pretty hot here. Jesse got the new and improved permanent dog shelter up a couple months ago and it has really paid off this summer.

Hunter is now 32 lbs at 8 months old, and Stormy is 18 lbs at 6 months old.
It sounds like Kaci might be here this weekend with Velvet. Velvet used to live here while Hunter was a little puppy. They will probably all play until they pass out!

Storm (black/tan tri girl seen here) is still available to a companion home.

I am very excited to announce that one of the LE x Magic puppies will be coming to grow up here in September (when we can fly the dogs again). I miss LE but it will be nice to have a daughter here to play with!

It looks like there will be enough dogs at the Enumclaw, WA show to have 2 points (if all show up) and Redmond, WA has a 3 point major in dogs! So wish Hunter and I luck ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Weekend

It was nice to enjoy the early morning sun and afternoon
shade during our lazy weekend. Here are some pictures
of Hunter and Storm playing and resting on the cool tile
next to the AC vent. That is by far Storm's favorite spot
in the house.

Hunter's coat is starting to look nice and shiny again.
I switched his food, added a little oil, and bathe him
about once a week to get rid of the dead and damaged hair.
Stormy has a lovely coat. Thick undercoat and dark
deep black color.

Dayl updated the Aurigan website today. Which is a collaboration
of several 'kennels' including mine.

This summer is going by so quickly.

Hunter and I will be at the Enumclaw, WA show in a couple weeks and then a one day show in Redmond, WA. I am having such a good time showing this boy - even if we werent winning, he is still just fun to show and play with. Dayl and Pam are his breeders and they are very pleased with how he and his sister Meme (back in NC) are turning out.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Official Picture

Here is Hunter's official picture from the Mt. Bachelor, OR show. Wow, he's a looker for only 6 months old...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Stormy, our 5 month old black and tan girl is available to a performance or companion home. She is full of energy and would be great with kids or someone who likes to take their dog and go. She does well with other dogs and large groups of people. She travels well also. She is on the smaller side of the Cardigan breed and might mature to about 20 - 23 lbs. She plays with Hunter constantly and it will be hard to give up his playmate. Please contact me by e-mail at for more information/pictures.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

He's On A Roll

Mr. Hunter was Best Opposite, Best of Winners and Winner's Dog Saturday July 5th under Judge Pybus, and was Best Opposite and Winner's Dog today under Judge J. Frederiksen. So, he took home another 2 points this weekend! He is already up to 6 points, one major. I didnt get any pro pictures from this weekend, and I am still waiting on last weekend's pics.
He is going to stay home for awhile while I try to help him grow coat. I want him to look really good for the fall shows.
Also, Journey, a Toby x Cindy daughter picked up a point two weekends ago in Canby, OR. It was her first point, and she was handled by Pam's (Mantle CWCs) grand daughter Tasha. Go girls Go!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tes is a littermate to Duncan from the LE x Riley litter. She is a darker brindle fluffy who live in Washington. Tes is a lovely girl.


Duncan is an LE x Riley puppy who lives in California. He is red brindle like his mommy. Duncan is loved by all.


Andy (dog on right) is an Auri x Flash puppy. He is black with tan points and lives in Oregon. They are going to a Birthday Party in this picture. Very cute!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hunter's Second Big Win!

Post From June 26th 2008:

This weekend is the Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club Dog Show, which Hunter and I will be in attendance for. We are ready to have a fun weekend in the scorching heat. I heard 100 degrees here in Pasco, I am sure it will be just as hot in the middle of nowhere Oregon too. The blazing heat is doing nothing for Hunter's coat. Apparently, he thinks he doesn't need to wear a 'coat' in the middle of June.

Post From June 30th 2008:

Back from a very hot Redmond, OR! Jesse went with me and we camped in a tent on site. It was all we could do to keep the dogs in the shade. We were very lucky to have a couple trees around us.

Hunter was a wee bit tired and unmotivated Saturday for the show. He doesnt like showing in grass because grass is for playing in, and sniffing, and playing in... He still went Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Arley Hussin. Not too shabby.

Sunday June 29th, 2008 Hunter went Best Of Breed, Best Of Winners, and Winner's Dog over two other nice dogs for a point. He seemed to be much more focused and happy. Plus, it was earlier in the day and cooler. The judge was Col. Harold Brizee. He was also the Herding Group Judge, but there were a lot of other more mature dogs that were awarded in the group ring. He still looks very puppyish. Dayl, Terry, Jesse and Debbie our friend with Bernese Mt Dogs stayed for group to cheer us on.

Here are a couple pics from the weekend.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Powder Puff Fun

We packed everyone up and headed to All Wheels Weekend/ Father's Day in Dayton this past weekend. I have to post about this super fun weekend!
All Wheels Weekend consists of a cruise on Main Street Dayton, a car show, lawn mower races, and a demolition derby and car races. We usually go to help Jesse's mom out with the beer garden that goes on during the races. When we got into town, Jesse's step sister Lora Zink's boyfriend Chris needed a powder puff driver (car races with women only) and a driver for the mechanic's race. So, Jesse and I weren't driving so we volunteered to do those races with his car. Ok- I have been watching the races/demo for years and my brother Brian used to race dirt bikes. I know what can happen and how hurt/ sore people are the next week. But what the heck, its something I have always wanted to do but was too chicken to do.
Low and behold, I clock in with one of the fastest women's times and end up in poll position (front left) in the trophy dash race (only the fastest four race) and I get SECOND! Wow, that was fun. But my powder puff race was next so I zoomed off to get back in line for that race. This time I was front right and the car that beat me before was in poll position. Lora was behind me in both races with her dad's car. I fell back into second quickly but with 2 laps to go, I snuck around a pile up which the leader was apart of and I took FIRST PLACE! I got a cool trophy and a little cash. I was so thankful that I didn't kill the car and that I finished the race. Not too shabby for a first timer. Jesse ended up blowing up a tire but finished his race. He really wants to get back out there and get his own trophy... Chris won several races with the same car we used. It was a good little car. This may end up getting addictive...
It was a super fun weekend. I didn't get any pictures or video like I planned, but that's ok. Just imagine dusty, dirty, and smelly cars, combined with crashing, racing, and a large audience.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Big Picture

Here is Hunter's official win picture.

Hunter and Stormy get to visit with Auntie Kaci and Velvet this weekend. Should be fun!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hunter's First Show

My very sweet boy Hunter had a big weekend!
Puyallup, WA June 07,08 Hunter was RWD under Judge Dr. Carmen Battaglia.

Puyallup, WA June 08,08 Hunter was WD for 2 points under Judge William Bailey. He then decided to impress his mom by winning Best Of Breed and Best Of Winners over some very lovely dogs. He recieved another point for this win - totally 3 for a MAJOR!

Wow, first major down at the first show. He was very well behaved and tried really hard.

We'll see you in Redmond, OR and Spokane, WA soon!