Friday, December 12, 2008

Ellyn's First Show

I dont have any exciting news from the Vancouver, WA show, but I felt like I needed to get a video of Ellyn on here. This is of her second day of showing under Judge Christina Hubbell. She won her class, which was the complete opposite from the previous day.

A Cardigan's first show is often a prelude to the way they are going to handle their show career - some are showing fools, and others would rather give you the paw. Ellyn is going to be harder to show than Hunter. I would call Hunter a social butterfly, and Ellyn is a diva. ;)

Hunter was a bit hyper this weekend... he was Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Lester Mapes Saturday and didnt do anything Sunday. Our next show dates are Jan 9, 10, 11th in Puyallup.