Thursday, November 11, 2010

Serious Catch-Up

I am finally getting back to the blog! Here are some updates, which we are very proud of!

Above: We have a NEW HOME!!! After a very long year of living out of a suitcase, Jesse and I purchased this beautiful home near Wenatchee, WA. We are looking forward to raising our dogs here.

Above: Bella got point number 11 and 12 at the Wenatchee, WA show

Above: We got to see Harley, Hunter's 8 year old grandfather and Hunter together. Harley has been one of my favorite dogs for a long time. I am so happy to have his younger clone in my house!
Harley is Am/Int Ch. Aurigan Thunder Rolls, CD RN CGC - on the left

Above: Bella wins her 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th points in the form of a 5 point major Sunday at Richland, WA by going WB/BOW to earn her Champion status! Thank you to all of her support! We knew she could do it.

Above: Hunter was such a good boy at Richland this year. Even tho he didnt win any ribbons, he was 'pulled' all three days and considered in the final lineup. Friday was the first NWCF Specialty, and Saturday was a Supported Entry. He is now blowing coat, so he wont be seeing a show ring until he finds it again. I was also voted in as a board member to the Northwest Cardigan Fanciers, and trophy chairman for the upcoming year.

Above: Token was 5 1/2 months in the above picture at Richland. Too young to show, but I couldnt resist getting him all cleaned up to take pictures of :)

Above: Token and Jesse at their first show in Canada, over Halloween weekend. Token was WD/Best Puppy for 2 points! It was an awesome weekend for Dune. On Saturday Bella took BOB/BOW/WB for 3 points, Hunter was BOS, and Token was WD/Best Puppy for 2 points!!! On Sunday, Bella was BOB/BOW/WB for another 3 points, and Hunter was BOS. Bella now has 9 points total toward her Canadian championship in two weekends of showing. Not too shabby! She will even be on Canadian TV as she was in the herding group.

Above: Jesse and Token have started taking handling classes in Wenatchee, WA. Very good experience for both dog and handler. I will be taking Bella to the next class to prepare us for campaigning her toward her Grand Championship title. She needs some polishing and I certainly could use some pro handling tips.

Above: SNOW! We had our first snow at our new house Nov 09, 2010. It's Token's first snow too, and all the dogs thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous change in the weather.

Above: The breathtaking view from my deck. We have 2.5 acres, are 700 ft from a river, and have all the USFS land behind the house that I could ask for. I am sure this winter will be a little extreme, but I have plenty of indoor work to do before I really need to get back outside.
So, I guess that brings me up to today. More later!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Two brindle 5 month old girls available!!



Contact Yolanda at for more information!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Hanging Out

Hunter x LE puppies are 9 1/2 weeks
Double Trouble... just look at those faces... Token and NorthFate and North getting ready for a little nap

Puppies got to go for their first walk on lead today. Very smart puppies. ;)

New E-mail

Moving my e-mail to
The old address will still work, but it isnt working well.

In other news, the puppies are doing great!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Available from Dune
"LE" is now available to a wonderful retirement home, or a juniors home.
We are moving on with her gorgeous children and wish to find her a
loving and doting home.
Available from Aurigan


Twinan Ultimate Strike x Am/Can/Int Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air, HCTs

"Stewart" is a 14 week old brindle male looking for his new home.

Contact Dayl about "Stewart"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yakima show

Saturday 6-5 with Judge J. Purkhiser
BOB/BOW/WD - Aurigan Mantle Eye Of The Tiger aka Jake
BOS/WB - Aurigan MP Primary Attraction aka Phantom
RWD - Merrythought Saved The Best For Last aka Mac
RWB - Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue aka Bella

Sunday 6-6 with breeder judge M. Van Vleit
BOB/BOW/WB - Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue aka Bella
BOS/WD - Merrythought Saved The Best For Last aka Mac
RWD - Aurigan Mantle Eye Of The Tiger aka Jake
RWB - Coedwig's The Quiltmaker aka Bobbin

Very proud of my Bella. I think that makes 3 points total. I have to give thanks to Wiccan for keeping Bella with her at 'Corgi Camp' the last two weeks, she looks good. And, for taking puppy pics at our puppy evaluation of the Hunter x LE litter.
Wisteria and Jaina have left for their new homes. So, we are down to 5 with two more leaving this week. We will be holding onto Fate, Percy Jackson and Tarot until 12 weeks - then we will be evaluating again. We are very happy with Hunter's first litter.
Puppy pics soon to come!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7 Weeks

Some pictures from this evening. We have almost all our ears up now!
Joker aka Hunter Jr and Tarot
Joker aka Hunter Jr
Fate under camo
Group play - Percy Jackson in front.
Dont let the cute pose fool you, he joined in the pouncing about a second after this picture. What Wisteria will look like when her ears come up ;)
JainaGroup play - Shredding a piece of cardboard. No idea where they got it.
Jaina with a bone
Spiral - the only picture I got of her holding still

Man, those faces are cute. Even with my less-than-awesome camera.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lynden Show Results & Puppies

Lynden, WA Saturday 5-22 Results Judge D. Bolus
BOB - Ch. Shadowalk Higgins
BOS/BOW/WB - Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy
RWB - Spotted Fox Coedwig Clover
WD - Coedwig's Big Baloo
RWD - Notzmo Giant Dancer At Stonelight
Lynden, WA Sunday 5-23 Results Judge C. Moser-White
BOB- Ch. Shadowalk Higgins
BOS/BOW/WB - Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue
RWB - Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy
WD - Notzmo Giant Dancer At Stonelight
RWD - Coedwig's Big Baloo
YEAH!! Bella got her first AKC point!!
We had a SUPER FUN weekend with Dayl, her cousin Katie of Somersun Labradors, and Jennifer of Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terriers, Wiccan of Cardigan Complex Blog and my wonderful husband who I cannot thank enough for all of his help.
Thank you to those puppy buyers who were able to come out and see the kids ;)
Wiccan got some more awesome-amazing-fantastic pictures of the puppies.
Without further ado, here they are.

Spiral doing her impersonation of the Jaguar symbol

Percy Jackson Hunter Jr is being attacked! Spiral and Tarot in background Tarot
Percy Jackson being Mr. Cute eating his foot.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Face

Five week faces. Full of puppy mush, dirt, and other things we dont want to think about.
They were sleeping and I woke them up for these pictures. I dont feel bad though. They wake me up about 3-5 times a night. Paybacks... ;)
The weather here is horrid and I didnt want to take pictures outside.
Fate Percy Jackson

Spiral Joker aka Hunter Jr Jaina - with the first ear almost up

They are accompanied by Miss Bella in these pictures.

These pictures dont do their sweet faces justice, but at least they are new pictures!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010