Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lynden Show Results & Puppies

Lynden, WA Saturday 5-22 Results Judge D. Bolus
BOB - Ch. Shadowalk Higgins
BOS/BOW/WB - Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy
RWB - Spotted Fox Coedwig Clover
WD - Coedwig's Big Baloo
RWD - Notzmo Giant Dancer At Stonelight
Lynden, WA Sunday 5-23 Results Judge C. Moser-White
BOB- Ch. Shadowalk Higgins
BOS/BOW/WB - Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue
RWB - Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy
WD - Notzmo Giant Dancer At Stonelight
RWD - Coedwig's Big Baloo
YEAH!! Bella got her first AKC point!!
We had a SUPER FUN weekend with Dayl, her cousin Katie of Somersun Labradors, and Jennifer of Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terriers, Wiccan of Cardigan Complex Blog and my wonderful husband who I cannot thank enough for all of his help.
Thank you to those puppy buyers who were able to come out and see the kids ;)
Wiccan got some more awesome-amazing-fantastic pictures of the puppies.
Without further ado, here they are.

Spiral doing her impersonation of the Jaguar symbol

Percy Jackson Hunter Jr is being attacked! Spiral and Tarot in background Tarot
Percy Jackson being Mr. Cute eating his foot.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Face

Five week faces. Full of puppy mush, dirt, and other things we dont want to think about.
They were sleeping and I woke them up for these pictures. I dont feel bad though. They wake me up about 3-5 times a night. Paybacks... ;)
The weather here is horrid and I didnt want to take pictures outside.
Fate Percy Jackson

Spiral Joker aka Hunter Jr Jaina - with the first ear almost up

They are accompanied by Miss Bella in these pictures.

These pictures dont do their sweet faces justice, but at least they are new pictures!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Surprise In The Mail

Jesse opened the mail today and was pleasantly surprised to find this certificate! Out of all the Cardigans that showed in Canada last year, Hunter was the third most winning Cardigan! I knew he had done well, but I wasnt expecting this high of a placing.
Our move (or kind of move) and the new litter have caused us to be absent from showing this year. We will be getting out and about shortly and giving Bella her chance to shine.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Group Pics 3 Weeks

The boys off sleeping by the crate
Most of the girls: Tarot, Jaina and Spiral with Fate in front

They love their pillow.
They will get off to potty on the newspaper and then crawl back on to sleep and play.
New toys to play with now. See individuals in blog entries below.

Percy Jackson 3 Weeks

Percy Jackson has taken on a new name... "Mr. T"... as my husband calls him (There is an inside joke here). He is very noisy, like his dad and is participating in extra stimulation and time on his back... because he protests... vehemently... He also kinda looks like Snoopy with the jet black nose ;) He is weighing 2.48 lbs.

Wisteria 3 Weeks

Wisteria is now 2.49 lbs and has slipped a couple notches to the little girls in weight. She still has great bone though. Lovely red brindle, possible black mask. Very sweet girl.

Jaina 3 Weeks

Jaina seems to be very sweet and quiet. We shall see though... She is now 2.7 lbs. Darker brindle girl

Tarot 3 Weeks

Tarot was the little girl - being about 4 oz smaller than the rest of the brood, now she is the "little-not-so-little" girl at 2.58 lbs! She was the first to escape the confines of the box. She also plays with toys already. Red brindle.

Joker aka Hunter Jr. 3 weeks

Joker is now Hunter Junior... because he looks way too much like his daddy! He is now the bruiser at 2.9 lbs.

Spiral 3 Weeks

Spiral has the most interesting neck marking. She is being eaten by sister Jaina in the second picture. She is normally a more active puppy, but today she just wanted to sit and watch me. She is now 2.7 lbs