Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bel-Vernon Shows

The Bel-Vernon show in Mt Vernon, WA yielded great results!

Saturday Judge R. Stein
WB Aurigan MP Primary Attraction - 1 point!
BOB Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure

Sunday Judge Ambrosio
RWB Aurigan MP Primary Attraction
WB Int Ch. Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition - 1 point!
BOB Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure

Hunter is still shedding and quite frankly his coat looks all sorts of yucky. I was pleasantly surprised that the judges looked past his lack of coat. LE now has 10 points and is searching for a major, or whatever we can find in the meantime.

Also, Dayl showed me a website that has Hunter and Beatrys listed as ranked in Canada for 09. Hunter is ranked 4th and Beatrys is ranked 3rd!!! We plan on going back to Canada this fall.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Life

Busy is probably an understatement.
My grandmother (mom's mom) went into the hospital I work at for a quadruple bypass four days after my brother's wedding. She was released today and all is going well after a very rocky post-sugery experience. What a relief!
Dayl came by with the puppies for the eval since I was playing hostess to my mom's family during grandma's hospital stay. What a NICE distraction puppies are during times of crisis.
Hunter and Celestine Blue

Trichrome and Celestine in a hole that Celestine created

Hunter got de-barked. We got a nasty note in the mail from neighbors saying he was barking non-stop. However, the times/days they said it was him he wasnt outside (we have a neighbor dog who sounds a lot like him) but since he was getting targeted as the culprit I just had it done. He does do his fair share of barking, and he is loud. I dont like leaving bark collars on all day when I am not home. Scares me to death. I really dont need a fine from the city. So far it sounds like the de-bark worked.
Jesse has been practicing with a new band for the last month, staying out really late and often, but they had their first gig this past Friday - which was AWESOME. I was so proud of him. He plays rhythm guitar in a band called Sugarbush.

Jesse playing rhythm guitar


I had an appointment for consultation for my heart issues. Uck. Talk about anxiety. I have an electrical pathway that gets screwed up sometimes and causes extreme tachycardia (fast heartbeats) that ends up putting me in the ER. I am working on getting it fixed.
And then we were in Dayton, WA for All Wheels Weekend which is a car show/demolition derby/cruise weekend. Jesse drove in the demo, my EP cardiologist told me no, I couldn't drive this year. My past demo experience is on a past blog entry.

Jesse in the 23 car

The puppy evaluation went well. Once I figure out what puppy I will be getting I will post pictures ;) - Deciding between Celestine (blue girl) and Trichrome (black boy) for different reasons...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Brother's Wedding

My little (yet much taller at 6'5") brother was married Saturday. He and Nikki's wedding was absolutely delightful, beautiful, original, fun, and heart-warming. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures of the photo op pre-wedding and pre-rain.
Nikki and Brian Wedding and Pictures at Camp Wooten, Pomeroy, WA
My Brother Brian and Husband Jesse

Alicia, John B, Nikki, Brian, Cristie, Marshall and Grace the flower-girl

Brian and Groomsmen on-deck after Nikki and bridesmaids

Grace the-flower-girl (my cousin), Matron-of-Honor Cristie and Bridesmaid AliciaJustin, Alicia, John B, Nikki, Brian, Cristie, Marshall, Me, Our Dad John

John (my dad), Nikki and Brian

Brian and Nikki Smith