Friday, October 30, 2009

Canada Results thus far

Canada Results:

Thursday Herding Specialty -
Am/Int Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air was WB/BOW/BOB for 2 points and a NEW Canadian CH. title to add to her name! Congrats Dayl and Beatrys!
Am/Can/Int Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure was BOS
Aurigan MP Primary Attraction was RWB
Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue was Best Puppy

Friday -
Am/Can/Int Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure was BOB
Aurigan MP Primary Attraction was WB/BOW/BOS for 2 points
Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue was RWB and Best Puppy

More to come...

BTW - I can FINALLY walk again without hurting from the incision sites. No issues so far. I even picked the dogs up and put them on the table! Getting better!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show, Procedure, Show!

Ridgefield, WA - Vancouver KC show this weekend. 5-7-0-1 and 4-7-0-1 are the counts there. I am taking Bella and LE, Dayl is taking Phantom.

Then the dreaded-but-needed heart procedure is this coming Monday...

After that we have the fabulous Canada show with AWESOME counts for Cardis!
Thursday Herding Specialty - 0-3-1-0 Judge David Strachan
Friday - Junior Puppy Sweeptakes (All Breed) - 28 jr females Judge Suzanne Staines
Friday - Regular CKC show 1-4-1-0 Judge Jean Fournier
Saturday -Regular CKC show 3-7-1-0 Judge Ramon Podesta
Sunday - Regular CKC show 3-7-1-0 Judge James Frederickson

Dayl's Beatrys only needs 2 points to finish her CKC Ch. title.
Might be awhile before I post again. Things are getting crazy hectic here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Weekend

New title!
Am/Can/Int Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure, HCTs!!!
Hunter was awarded four V-1a awards at the International show in Vancouver, WA this weekend. LE already has her Int Ch. title so her and Bella just went to root Hunter on.
Show 1 Judge Rosemary Leist - V-1a and BOB - missed group... well actually I was never called into the ring by the steward. So I thought they were on Bred by Ex group... like she said...I was standing about 10 feet from the ring. Apparently that was too far...
Show 2 Judge David Krogh - V-1a and BOB. Made group and was pulled to 4th, but they only reward to 3rd.
Show 3 Judge Honey Glendinning - V-1a, BOB and Group 3! New Ch.!
Show 4 Judge Richard Samide - V-1a, BOB and Group 3!
Website for the IABCA shows is if anyone wants to check that out.
Very nice comments from the judges. Other than me missing my first group ring, and the camera not wanting to focus in the barn, it all went well.
Soooo, we are off to Vancouver again next weekend for regular AKC show. ;)
Everyone have a good week!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beatrys x Morgan Boys 14 wks

Updated pictures of the boys at Aurigan. They just turned 14 weeks.

Contact Dayl!!!
You know what happens to nice puppies that dont go to show homes right???
The breeder kicks everyone's rear with them!
Welllll... it's true! (Ok, sometimes I think I am funny.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In other news...

All the 'grand-puppies' at Grandma Karen's in Dayton.
L to R - LE, Callie (English Springer), Bella, Hunter and Velvet New pictures of Bella. It's like we cloned Sally! Minus the excess hair.
Gotta love make-shift tables... I think I need to put a real one on my B-Day list!

In other news, Hunter gets to try for his International title next weekend. Those are busy shows, but I might have to take my new Diana Gabaldon book since I am only showing one dog. Dayl already finished the book, so I am way behind ;)
Hunter is also still doing beginning agility, and is doing pretty good. I am a little bit of a spaz, (like getting Hunter on my right side. I am already left and right challenged. This is torture.) but he is doing fine!
Then I have LE and Bella at Vancouver. So excited to see Riley again! Riley is Hunter's handsome half-brother.
And after that, I am scheduled for a heart procedure in Spokane, WA the day after the Vancouver show. I have the same condition that Kim has. I have AVNRT which is a condition that I have had forever. I have an electrical pathway that gets messed up sometimes and causes extreme tachycardia (fast heartbeats). My heartbeat goes well over 230 beats a minute (normal resting rate is about 70-80), which has caused me to pass out/black out. The heart gets into a rhythm and can't get itself out without chemical help. I am not fond of ER visits... So they are going to put a catheter into my femoral artery and put electrical nodes into my heart, stimulate the heart to get it into the wacked out rhythm, and find out where the messed up pathway is. Next, they will zap the electrical pathway with a laser. This is called radiofrequency ablation. Hopefully this solves the issues I have been having since I can remember. It's a fairly safe procedure as far as heart stuff goes. But, still, it's the biggest procedure I have ever had done. At first I was nervous to go through it, but now the constant fear of another ER visit (stress, cold meds, caffeine, or stimulants of any kind can trigger it) outweighs the doubts and anxiety.
And then our next outing will be CANADA! Yep, I am excited. I think we might even have 3 points in bitches Sat and Sun....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beatrys x Morgan Boys

Dayl has two male show prospects available!
The dark brindle boy is "Booger" and the red brindle boy is "Brutus"
Pictures taken at 8 weeks old.

Dam is Int/Am Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air, HCTs
Beatrys is the mother of:
"Hope"(upper), Am/Can Ch. "Hunter" (center), and "Meme"(lower)

The sire is Eng/Am Ch. Kerman Strike Up The Band - and can be seen at

Contact Dayl for more information!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Official Pics - Richland

Some official pictures from Richland Supported Entry Pecan Valley Mustang Sally
(Ch. Pecan Valley Blue Thunder x Ch. Pecan Valley Show Shoes)
Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure, HCTs
(Ch. Phi-Vestavia Koltrain x Am/Int Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air, HCTs)