Sunday, February 13, 2011

Portland, OR results:

Saturday under Judge Col B. Purkhiser
Token was 2nd in the 9-12 class -

Sunday under Judge J. Vanek
Bella was Select Bitch for a 5 pt major - Bella is posting in her picture. I think she doesnt like the signs... she pulls back from them. It's really annoying trying to get pics of her. Anyone have any ideas on getting pics of dogs who hate it? Maybe I could coat the sign in liver flavor...

We dont have much going on right now. Just working and getting the rest of our stuff moved into the new house.

For upcoming litter information, contact Dayl Phillip at Aurigan for more information on a 2011 litter.

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dreameyce said...

What about putting the sign behind her, instad of in front??