Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hunter OFA

X-rays to OFA done today. I have never done elbows before, but the vet thinks they look great.
Hips look like they will pass! Now we just wait and see what they decide to rate them. Momma Beatrys and papa Kolby are both Good, so lets hope there is a positive trend there!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 2nd B-Day

From this 9 week old puppy I just had to have... To this hilarious, cute, and witty four month old puppy who stole my heart...To this 6 month and four day old Best Of Breed winner
To my first all-by-myself American Champion...
To the superdog who received his HCTs (AHBA) Herding instinct test ...
To the Canadian Championship with group placing...
To the biggest recognition I have EVER won... Best Of Breed
over a lot of nice dogs at the
2009 NWCF Supported Entry at Richland, WA (Saturday)...
To the International Championship that gave him three titles...

This dog has done it all for me.
Happy Birthday, Hunter!
Am/Can/Int Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure, HCTs
CERF clear, Fluff free, PRA tested clear
OFA hips and elbows on the way!