Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ready Or Not

Another Thanksgiving holiday is upon us... and this is the first year I havent wanted to go do our normal Thanksgiving weekend activities. Usually, Jesse and I pack up the dogs and we head to hometown Dayton, WA. Then we proceed to stuff ourselves silly going to at least three different turkey dinners. I am almost relieved that we are staying close to home this year. Less weight gain if nothing else.

Ellyn turned 6 months yesterday. Wow, I cant believe that she is ready to show already. It seems like she should have another couple months... I think that feeling comes from the fact that she isnt nearly as big as Hunter. I have to keep reminding Jesse that she is a girl and half Hunter's age.

I wish all the Cardi people out there in cyberland a delightful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2nd Major Picture

I wish that front foot was back more!
We did decide to go to Ridgefield, WA in December. It's a good a time as any to get Ellyn in the ring. So, we will see you all there. Lets hope the Gorge is open all weekend. ;)

Hunter winning in Salem, OR under Judge Henry Gregory for a 3 point major!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video Of Weekend

Upper video is of Hunter on Sunday 11-09-08

Lower video is of Hunter Saturday 11-11-08

Any day you look at him, he is a lovely boy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Salem '08 Take Two

Hunter did just fine today, but alas, it was Rocky's day to shine. Kim Shira's boy Rocky took all the cake today winning WD, BOW and BOB! No idea how group went. Hunter was Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Lawrence Terricone. Still not sure if I will do Ridgefield in December or wait until Portland in January to go out again. Might depend on Little Miss Ellyn and/or the weather in the gorge.
Good luck to all at Monroe, WA.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Salem '08 Show

Jesse and I took Hunter and Ellyn to Salem, OR today for another exciting dog show. Hunter took Best Opposite, Best of Winners, and Winner's Dog for a 3 point major! He only needs a point to finish. I would celebrate, but I am wiped out. Pam took Phantom, a Dotty x Harley daughter for Dayl. It was Phantom's first time in the ring, and you can see her in the video above. Today's judge was Mr. Henry Gregory. We are hanging out at Pam's house this weekend. She has Hunter's grandpa Harley (Int/Am Ch. Aurigan Thunder Rolls, CGC RN CD) and let me tell you, Hunter could be Harley's shadow! Same color, same head, same type. Amazing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

VOTE '08

If you do nothing else tomorrow, remember to get out there and VOTE!
I mailed my ballot in a week or so ago and I am very proud of myself for voting for the first time since 2000. I have very strong views this year, where as in previous years I hated all of the candidates and could care less.
I cant wait until the red-neck idiot is out of the white house!